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        Industry Outlook

        Metal cutting tools are an essential part of the modern industrial economy. In various fields of the economy, they play a fundamental and strategic role. They are the core components to fulfill machine functions, referred to as the tooth of industry. Products are widely used in the light industry, equipment manufacturing, construction and building materials, automobile manufacturing, electronic information, aerospace, and other industries. Metal cutting tools are an important symbol of comprehensive technical strength for industrialized countries.

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        Sales network
        Hengerda's Global Supply Chain Partnerships
        Hengda has established global partnerships based on local and expanding globally, with the overseas layout in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions along the “Belt and Road.” The production scale, sales volume, and market share of our featured product, rule die steel, have been ranked the first in the world for consecutive years. At the same time, Hengda is a domestic leading manufacturer of bi-metal band saw blades.

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